Just finished The Goldfinch

Starting a blog about writing with a post about reading seems…perfect. It was always about reading for me. Wanting to write like those fabulous humans before me who put such beautiful words, worlds and wonders on the page.

In a year or two, maybe, I’ll have the grand reading list on this blog, like that list going around FB a few months ago about your top 10 books or authors. Let’s just say mine starts with Baum, hangs out at Dickens, Mantel, Patchett, Stephenson, Gaiman, and goes in and out of Atkinson and John Green. That longing, created by a good book, is fuel for a writer.

I know I’m setting myself up for a hard fall, reading Donna Tartt, while editing my own first novel, When Papinette Spoke for God. But one could do worse, much worse, than aspiring to create characters like Boris or Hobie and themes like loss and the search for meaning. It took her ten years to publish–it’s hard to put the world in 700+ pages in just a year or two. Mine will be shorter. I will fall just short of the whole world, but will put my whole heart into it.

I won’t go on any more. For a good review of The Goldfinch (and for me to test my linking abilities in WordPress) click here. And, after you read The Goldfinch, just drop in here and let me know. It was worth it, wasn’t it?

I’m starting this blog early in my publishing odyssey (it will be at least a year before I’m promoting my book). Many of the amazing writing blogs host contests for short stories. I’m writing shorts for practice, so here’s where I’ll put some of them for you and for the contests. Sometimes I’ll write about writing and reading. I’ll try not to complain too much.

Please follow me and/or send me some comments if you like what you read. Your favorite authors, books, quotes from said authors and books would be a nice start.


3 thoughts on “Just finished The Goldfinch

  1. Hi there, WondrousWrittenWord! I read The Goldfinch a few months ago. I thought it thoroughly deserved the Pulitzer. It’s a masterpiece of plotting and character. But I was a bit disappointed in the last fifty pages or so. To me, at that point, there was too much telling. It felt as if Tartt didn’t quite trust her reader to “get” it. Having said that I’m keen to read more of her writing. And yes, definitely worth it!.
    PS Thanks heaps for the follow 🙂 I really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to reading more from you too. Very best wishes for your writing and publishing journey.

  2. Yes, The Goldfinch was totally worth it. Those scenes in Vegas in overly air-conditioned and barren houses will stay with me for years.

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