Blogging 101 or why even a small life preserver is good in a flood

First, the small print. I was once a blogger. (You can click on this if you want to see what happens to old defunct blogs.) An early blogger, they call it now. But I stopped somewhere back in 2009 or 2010 (probably because there wasn’t a 101 and all that community). I did start a new blog earlier this year, having been told from numerous sources that a blog is ESSENTIAL for promoting your novel, even if your novel isn’t finished yet. You can see how that’s working out so far.

I am writing a novel, so as a Quick Reader will see in less than a blink, I have written only one blog before this, and added one short piece of fiction for a blogging challenge on a writing blog I follow. Quick reader will note: you can already see blogs (some of them–I can’t remember how I did that, so haven’t added others) I follow; and, you can see my piece of short fiction, even though I have, as yet, been unable to put it on the Page (a blogging term) where Short Fiction be posted.

Which brings me to Blogging 101. WordPress is phenomenal when it comes to tutorials for “getting your blog up and running.” They have gone so far to suggest that I can go “from Zero to Hero” (#zerotohero for the tagging proficient) with the short, daily assignments they’re doling out to us aspiring writer/blogger/photographer/social media-ites.

They are so good, in fact, that it’s been like a flood. At first, I was bobbing merrily along in the fast-moving water of the first few days–studying the tutorials, reading people’s posts (I even commented on a few of my favorites). I set up a Short Fiction Page, as I mentioned, though I never got to the part where the Short Fiction is actually on said page. By day four or five, “not-blogging life” had barged in. I had to travel, took a son to look at a school, and–did I mention I am writing a novel?–finally completed the second rewrite of Part I of the novel for some eager second readers. I bow to them. (I say this after every mention of them).

There are thousands of blogging posts about writing (or not writing, in my case) your blog about the book you are writing (and non-writing). Unfortunately, none of them are mine yet. And, I can’t seem to find the time to read the others because a) I’m trying to become a Hero from Zero and b) I am writing a novel, and my beta readers are waiting for their  next installment (I bow to them).

When I finally opened up the Blogging 101 page again, I was definitely underwater. No more bobbing for me. I would learn to put my short fiction on the Short Fiction page and promote my novel after I finish my novel, I told myself. I usually don’t say this out loud, but, I gave up. Relieved, I took a few moments of “me time” to just skim a few of the blogs, looking for inspiration and to pick up some tips for the future, the far, far future.

I have to say, some of the 101’s look like pro’s. Like they skipped Hero and went on to Kings and Queens of the Universe (or they may have started at 10 instead of Zero.) I felt affirmed in my choice to quit, as I couldn’t imagine finishing my novel and writing nearly as well as any of these great brave beginner bloggers. But wait. Just before I clicked off, I read a fabulous blogger, Jill’s Scene–someone on another continent who is a book lover, and articulate (Ideal Reader–assignment #4?), and she wrote a post about books and reading, which you can see, is what I’m up to. And, she had links to other great bloggers, like this funny guy.  So, I spent one more nano-second and hit the like button, hoping she would show up in my reader again next year when I had time to go back in to Blogging 101, or #zerotohero.

So here’s where the life-preserver comes in. Even though I’m on Blog #2 (or #3 if you count the Short Fiction blog, even though it should be on a Page), and I have learned this morning that Zero-to-Hero is OVER, I was inspired, over-the-moon inspired, to see that I received a like, a follow, and a comment from fellow 101’ers–Jill and a few others. For that, I must say, I bow to you. I was forced by your attention to write a blog, which might be the point of the whole 101 thing, if not life itself.

Now, I’ve written a blog, and I’m bobbing, not drowning. I’ll be back. I actually have another idea for a blog. But, did I mention I’m writing a novel?


5 thoughts on “Blogging 101 or why even a small life preserver is good in a flood

  1. Wow! Thanks for the compliment. That funny guy is seriously funny isn’t he. Most of all, I really enjoyed this post – I think you’ve captured exactly what it’s like to be a writer. It’s good to know you’ll be back. I’m Looking forward to more – in time.

  2. I drowned in Zero to Hero, too. Too much, too little time. I probably wasn’t at quite zero, let’s say three to meager for me.

    I haven’t given up altogether. I’m still hoping to make my writing blog the way I want it to be.

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