I have loved the wondrous written world since I was first allowed to peruse my local county library on my own as a child. I grew up, had a career, met a wonderful guy, had kids and read a lot. Though I have shelves of journals, I could never pull it together to write, as much as I wanted to. Then, I had cancer. Twice. When it looked like I was truly amortal being, I realized the only remaining thing I would want to say I had done before I left was to write. So.

I’m still alive. And, I’ve been writing for a couple of years now. This is my “writer’s platform”. The place where I tell you about my novel, When Papinette Spoke for God, to be published in 2015. This is where I hint at my second story, a terribly exciting and hard-to-keep-quiet-about (but I must) YA novel, which is currently in revision with a publish date most likely beyond 2015.

This is also a place I can talk about all the wondrous writing I am reading, authors I’m admiring, bloggers I’m taken by, and occasionally, a place to publish some of my short fictions for exercise.

img-thingWhen I think of a platform, I think of these shoes, or a diving platform. Either way, falling is implied. Or jumping. This is my jumping off point for my writing. Hope you’ll find something here that will inspire or cause you to consider falling or jumping on your own.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for following my blog! Don’t feel bad about rewriting your novel for the second time. I rewrote mine twice and edited it two more times after that. You’re growing as you write it, so you’re not the same by the end as when you started. It changes everything. Best of luck!!!

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